What are Arduino and its types?

Basically, an Arduino device is an open equipment advancement board that can be utilized by specialists, hobbyists, and creators to plan and assemble gadgets that cooperate with this present reality. While Arduino alludes to a particular sort of board plan, it can likewise be utilized to allude to an organization that makes a particular execution of these sheets and is ordinarily used to portray the local area around viable sheets made by others or organizations that work on the same way.

Types of Arduinos:

  • Arduino UNO

Arduino UNO depends on an ATmega328P microcontroller. It is not difficult to utilize contrasted with different sheets, for example, the Arduino Mega board, and so forth The Arduino UNO incorporates 6 simple pin inputs, a USB connector, 14 advanced pins, a force jack, as well as an ICSP, In-Circuit Serial Programming, header.

It is the most utilized and of standard structure from the rundown of all accessible Arduino Boards. It is likewise suggested for amateurs as it is not difficult to utilize.

  • Arduino Nano

The Arduino Nano looks like a small Arduino board based on ATmega628 or ATmega328P Microcontroller. The network is equivalent to the Arduino UNO.

The Nano board is characterized as a maintainable, reliable, smart, and adaptable microcontroller board. It’s small in size contrasted with the UNO. The gadgets needed to begin their activities utilizing the Arduino Nano are Arduino IDE as well as small USB.

The Arduino Nano incorporates an I/O pin set of 8 simple pins and 14 advanced pins. It additionally incorporates 2 Reset pins and 6 Power pins.

  • Arduino Mega

The Arduino Mega depends on ATmega2560 Microcontroller. The ATmega2560 is a microcontroller of 8-bit. We need a basic USB link to interface with the PC and the AC to DC connector or battery to begin with it. It enjoys the benefit of working with more memory space.

The Arduino Mega incorporates 54 I/O advanced pins and 16 Analog Input/Output, a reset button, ICSP header, 4 Universal Asynchronous Reciever/Transmitter ports, USB association, and a force jack.

  • Arduino Micro

The Arduino Micro depends on the ATmega32U4 Microcontroller. It comprises 20 arrangements of pins. The 7 pins from the set are Pulse Width Modulation pins, while 12 pins are simple information pins. Different parts on board are the reset button, ICSP header, 16MHz gem oscillator, and a miniature USB association.

  • Arduino Leonardo

The fundamental detail of the Arduino Leonardo is equivalent to the Arduino Micro. It is likewise founded on ATmega32U4 Microcontroller. The segments present on the board are 20 simple and advanced pins, 16MHz gem oscillator, reset button, ICSP header, as well as a miniature USB association.

  • Arduino Due

The Arduino Due depends on the 32-bit ARM center. It is the main Arduino board that has created a dependency on the ARM Microcontroller. It comprises 54 Digital I/O pins and 12 Analog pins. The Microcontroller present on the board is the Atmel SAM3X8E ARM Cortex-M3 CPU.

It has two ports, to be specific, a local USB port and a programming port. The miniature side of the USB link ought to be appended to the programming port.

  • Arduino Shields

The Arduino safeguards are the sheets, which can be stopped at the highest point of the PCB. The safeguards further broaden the capability of the PCBs. The creation of safeguards is modest. It is likewise simple to utilize. There are different kinds of Arduino safeguards that can be utilized for various purposes. For instance, the Xbee safeguard.

The Xbee safeguard can be utilized for remote correspondence between different Arduino sheets over distances up to 300 feet utilizing the Zigbee Module.

  • Arduino Lilypad

The Arduino LilyPad was at first made for wearable tasks as well as e-materials. It depends on the ATmega168 Microcontroller. The usefulness of Lilypad is equivalent to other Arduino Boards. It is a lightweight, round, board with an insignificant number of parts to keep the size of the board little.

The Arduino Lilypad board was planned by Leah and Sparkfun. It was created by Leah Buechley. It has 9 advanced I/O pins.

The scope of this article is limited to write about all the Arduino boards, but

  • Arduino Bluetooth
  • Arduino Diecimila
  • Arduino Robot
  • Arduino Ethernet
  • Arduino Zero
  • Arduino Esplora
  • Arduino Pro Micro

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