Web Design Tips to minimize Bounce Rates

There are millions of websites on the internet. But the truth is that not all of them are active, useful or found easily. The reason is because, these sites have been updated by its owners and have only lost into oblivion for not using the latest technology and resources. At the same time, a poorly developed site is not likely to be viewed by anyone. Users may simply close the site and visit another as they may find the other one useful. This causes increase in bounce rate. 

Tips to reduce website bounce rates

  • Reduce loading time: The truth is that users prefer to go through those sites that load faster in fraction of a second and not more. They get impatient if the need arises to wait for the page to load, as they want to save time and get more information possible. With competitor sites present offering similar information, the competition has only got intense. This allows the user to leave the slow loading site to a newer faster loading one. Loading time is reduced dramatically by optimizing the web code and images and by eliminating unnecessary widgets, plugins and heavy scripts. 
  • Easily accessible, navigable and readable: The site designed by the experienced and knowledgeable web developer Sydney professionals will offer enhanced user experience. Information should be easily accessible at all times. If its structure is complicated and language used is not relevant or tough to understand, then visitors are likely to get discouraged visit competitor sites. 
  • Get to the point: Provided information needs to be comprehensive, but to the point. This allows the visitors to be focused on their needs and ensure that no interruptions or distractions are faced. 
  • Maintain promises given: What cannot be delivered should not be promised. 
  • Interlink, relate and recommend: Sites developed around posts may need more time to be viewed by users. Using some elements to point out relevant content can help extend time. Adding Hyperlinks to the post can help explain terms and methods in current post, including recommendation for reading. This way, the post tends to serve as gateway for other web pages. 
  • Include Multimedia: A good number of people love to watch something in action rather than read them through huge boring texts. They may not have the time or simply not interested to read it. Whatever be the matter, adding relevant music, videos and games can help users to interact and use the site much better than going through plain text. 

Consulting the reputed website builder Sydney can help to know how to minimize effectively bounce rates.