Top 5 Uses for a Label Maker

Do you have an excess to a label maker? If you do, then you have the most organized home and life only a few steps away. The fantastic thing about technology is that there is more than one to use it. It only takes some innovation and creative thinking to make the best of technology.

Gone are the days when one could believe that label makers are only for office files and important documentation. Hey, even housewives have been using label makers like a pro at home and we are downright impressed.

So what’s to stop you from putting this magnificent piece of technology to great use too, if you have it in your home? We’ve got the coolest ideas to put your label maker to fantastic use. Let’s dive right into it below:

1. Bins, storage cabinets, refrigerator shelves

Homes can get really messy and even some of our bigger appliances. We would be the first to plead guilty if you asked how much time it took us to find the yellow bell peppers in the fridge.

Or perhaps the low-fat carton of milk that forever remains lost behind the juice boxes, water bottles and whatnot? The point is that for many of us, organization does not come naturally. So here is where a label maker comes to rescue.

You can use this fancy invention for labeling shelves and zones in your refrigerator. With neat labels clearly outlining where the bottles, packets, veggies, cans etc. etc. should go there are no chances of mess.

Every household member will know where to store things correctly in the refrigerator and where to find them instantly. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing? In fact, labels will maintain order in your fridge and save you from double buying stuff in groceries.

In the same way, labeling your storage shelves, bins, drawers and cabinets in the kitchen, pantry, laundry room etc. would help too. What a sorted life!

2. Prompts for Foreign Language

If you’ve got school going children, surely they’re learning foreign languages in school. If not the kids, perhaps you are learning a new language, just to improve your linguistic skills. Whatever the case, labels can be a useful learning tool for a new language.

Do you know how? You could print labels for household things, like the spice cabinet, detergent cabinet, drawers, etc. in the language you’re learning. Now surely that won’t promise fluency but the visual reminders will help remember important vocabulary.

For your kids, you can practice the same. You could print labels for several household items, including foods to assist in their foreign language learning.

3. Place Cards

Why do we only make special occasions special? We can all admit that only when we have formal gatherings and dinner occasions at home do we make the effort to go out of the way. We start with name cards and try to make them as exquisitely beautiful as can be, just so that our guests feel special.

Now we’re not saying it isn’t a beautiful practice because it is and we can use the label maker for it. But the point here is that if you have a label maker, make your regular family meals special too. Of course, we don’t mean to imply you heap more burdens to your busy weekdays with place cards and all that.

But when the weekend rolls by and you’re ready to give your partner or family a little extra attention, consider your label maker. Print some place cards on it, just as you would for your guests. It’s easy to do that: you merely have to fold a paper in and stick the label bearing your diner’s name on a side. Prop it on their table space and watch their faces light up with joy!

4. Expiration Dates

You’ve surely heard people stressing on the importance of consuming and using things before their expiry date. There’s a scientific and a logical reason behind that. Take makeup for example: if you use expired products, you’ll be exposing your skin to the bacteria harboring it.

Even food items beyond expiry can contain pathogenic microorganisms that can cause various food borne illnesses. You wouldn’t want to put yourself or a loved one to that risk unnecessarily, would you? But the truth is that often when we’re using things in a hurry or even otherwise, we forget to check their expiry.

Perhaps because of the tiny font in which most products state their expiration date, we easily miss it. Your label maker can effectively resolve this problem as well. Enhance your wellbeing and that of your family by labeling products with their expiration dates.

The bigger font and label right upfront will not be easy to miss and will effectively remind you to use up the product in time.

5. Cord Corralling

The work from home culture has rapidly expanded in the past year or so. Mankind was already heavily relying on technology before that but now most of us are running our offices full time at home. This means there are more technological devices, plugs and cords scattering around your home.

In fact, this situation can get out of hand when every minute of your day involves some technology use. How do you sort them and keep the cords sorted for each plugged in device, gadget and appliance? With labels of course!

You can put your label maker to effective use and print necessary labels for everything. This way, you will never mistakenly unplug your internet device when you wanted to unplug the fan. Others often struggle to different between a phone charger pack and their speakers.

With cord corralling you can take a lot of unresolved cords out of your life and never again question which cord goes with which technology.

Final Thoughts

Did you think label makers were only for offices? Well, not anymore and surely you have a dozen and more ideas now in which to use your label maker. From organizing your pantry, your refrigerator to your appliances, it’s time to live a sorted life.

Print labels away with this clever piece of technology and organize every messy corner of your home and life.