The five most important features of your office photocopier

If you don’t know what features your office needs, choosing the right photocopier can be a challenge. The market offers hundreds of copiers, each with its own unique selling point.

The following is a list of the top five features of photocopiers for offices to help you make the right choice. 

Speeds of printing

The printing speed of your office may be critical to the productivity of your team. Don’t overlook a model’s printing speed before you buy it if you work in a large office where documents are frequently printed.

PPM (pages per minute) is one of the most important features to look for when selecting a photocopier. Photocopying time describes the time it takes for a page of text to print in black ink on the photocopier. You can also find out more about the model’s print speed if that feature is available in more detailed specs.

Tray capacity

To handle large volumes of prints, office photocopiers will have large paper trays. Paper trays hold printed sheets before and after printing.

You will need high capacity paper trays if you print large documents regularly, such as contracts and booklets. If your staff is unfamiliar with your machine, reloading the paper tray can take a long time.

The output tray of your photocopier may overflow if it is not large enough. Thousands of queued print jobs may be held up by a paper jam caused by an overfilled output tray.

An office photocopier’s paper tray capacity is a good indication of whether it can handle your office printing requirements.


All print jobs and faxes that come through your photocopier will be stored on a hard drive. You could store gigabytes of sensitive company data in your model. It’s for this reason that your photocopier should have the same level of security as your office computer.

A cyber attack is an added risk when using wireless or remote printing. Fortunately, recent photocopiers tend to include cyber-security so that your documents are protected.

When it comes to picking a new office copier, make sure it has security features. You will always have the latest protection on your photocopier if you update its drivers.

A wireless connection

Wireless connectivity is available on most photocopiers today. Given that you probably have a lot of computers connected to wireless networks in your office, it makes sense.

Through wireless connections such as wi-fi, your photocopier can receive printing jobs from devices. It’s still a good idea to check a model’s wireless capabilities when buying a new photocopier.

Depending on the type of photocopier, wireless printing may only be available within the confines of your office. Make sure it has cloud printing capabilities if you wish to print from anywhere.

Tools for binding

Photocopiers that can bind documents together often go ignored. A binding tool is essential for organizing printed documents.

With a photocopier’s binding tools, you can hole punch or staple your documents together. By utilizing photocopier binding features, your staff can save valuable time otherwise wasted manually binding sheets together.

The features of your office’s photocopier can also save valuable office space. If your staff simply binds documents manually, there is no need to devote additional storage space to large staplers and hole punchers.