The Best Top 3 VPNs for Beginners to Follow

The full form of VPN is Virtual Private Network, it serves extra security, privacy to the internet users and it is a private network system. It saves personal information and private matters from the hackers. So that it is clear that VPNs usually come to an effect on the users.

The best 3 VPNs for torrenting Reddits have taken part in this discussion. 

They are like:

Proton VPN: 

It is an assured service. This VPN can give you peace because here all the personal data or information remains safe as it is on the internet. There is no- log policy wherever browsing histories also remain safe and the most important thing is that they do not share their personal information with a third party. In the very beginning, journalists do this discussion on ProtonMail. The headquarter that has been made in Switzerland, the country is best known for its strict laws of privacy. Even they also have free plans for the users.

Nord VPN: 

One of the popular & the best-upvoted VPN on Reddit. These VPN has approximately near about 5,000 within 59 countries of the world. NordVPN has made applications for iOS, Linux, Android, Windows, macOS. Here we have encrypted proxy extension for Chrome and Firefox. They have different plans for users. There is a monthly plan but it is much expensive to pay, one-year plan, and two years plan and for three years as well. The exiting thing is they provide thirty days of the free trial. In this VPN there is also a no-log policy that helps the internet users to protect and secure data. It is one of the best VPN for torrenting Reddit even it does not leak the current location while it is connected to this VPN. 

Mullvad VPN: 

It is the easiest VPN for beginners to use. Most of the Redditors love these VPN much. In the present time, Mullvad VPN allows Windows, macOS but it is not applicable for Android users. It is the only VPN that provides applications for Fedora and Debian OS. These VPN accept payment via Credit Card, bank wire, PayPal and Swish even it also uses to take cash. There is a thirty days money return policy similar to Nord VPN, Proton VPN. But there is not a present feature like in Nord VPN, which kills switch.

Above given 3 VPNs are the best for torrenting. For the beginners, these three VPNs are much acceptable for the users.