Take a look at the techniques used for manipulating the photo

Editing helps to bring the focus of the viewer to the main subject. Photo editing is part and parcel of photography. It is the most important part of photography. It is a process of creating effects that were not possible to create while clicking photos. Editing is liking an icing on the cake. You can learn how to edit photos by visiting this link https://photolemur.com.

What is image manipulation?

Image manipulation can be done on any type of photos that are available in digital form to improve the quality of the photo. It is done to change the appearance of the image according to the creativity of the photo editor. However, the photo editor must remember that the end result of the editing must look vibrant and real. Nowadays a lot of software is available in the market for image manipulation like Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Pixlr, etc.

Editing techniques to improve photo

  • Flattening image in raw: This is the foundation of editing. You need to set up your images in-camera raw to edit pictures using the software. Under camera raw you need to adjust the color and exposure of the picture. The effects that you have created in-camera raw will add more contrast to them when opened in software. This helps you to flatten the image.
  • Use of healing brush: It is a technique used for removing spots. You can remove pimples, distractions in background and inconsistencies of skin by using healing brush. You need to focus on minute details while using the healing brush.
  • Use of clone stamp set: Clone stamp set is used to lighten or darken the texture of the subject or the background. This technique should be used in areas that need more detailing especially in shots that are taken natural light.