Speed Up WordPress Development – 5 Tips and Tricks that Helps you

WordPress is effectively the most dominant open source blogging and content management system accessible online today. If you are a WordPress developer and you are struggling to speed up WordPress development, you are the right domain. Here we go with our best 5 tips and tricks that help you to speed up your WordPress development.

  1. Start with Child Theme

A lot of newbie developers directly dive into the core files and start modifying them. This is a huge mistake. If you are directly editing your core theme files, all of your changes will disappear right after an upgrade.

  1. Log Out Social Media

Using social media in the workplace is becoming very common. Social media addiction is often used to refer to someone who spends too much time on Social Networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. While social media can play a vital role in helping a person to connect with others, it can also harm them as well. Do you use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or chat apps like WhatsApp while you work? It is better to log out now.

  1. Don’t use Too much of Plugins

I know Plugins WordPress has tons of Plugins that don’t mean you should install them all. The more plugins you have, your website will slow down. Using too many Plugins will cause page loading times. So we recommend not to use Plugins unless absolutely necessary.

  1. Remove the WordPress Version and the Script Version

WordPress comes out of the box with a lot of things that are helpful. Still, we recommend you to hide the WordPress version number. This will make your site harder to be identified by hackers. Also, hide script versions to avoid any cashing issues with plugins as well as harder to identify your website by hackers.

  1. Use a Project Management Tool

Project management tools are really powerful that helps you to plan everything under a single collaborative place. The main advantage of using a project management tool is to improve your chances of achieving the desired result. You can try popular free project management tools Asana, Trello, MeisterTask if you are on a limited budget.

Hope these tips and tricks help you to speed up your WordPress development. If things are not going well and you need to reset your WordPress site quickly, you can try WP Reset a free Plugin that helps you to reset any sites within seconds. Always recommend you to take a backup before proceeding with WP Reset.