Sky ECC- Solution to your data security problems

In today’s world, mobile security means the protection of data. It is a vulnerable area, no doubt. One has to take extreme security measures. In this age of technological development, one has to be more than a step ahead of the hackers and other mischievous people capable of stealing your data. Your personal computer and mobile devices hold valuable information you probably wouldn’t want any unauthorized person to have access to. Of course, it is in your hands to take remedial measures. Using a secure messaging app like SKYECC can help you overcome the situation.

How can the secure messaging app help you in this regard? The existing PGP phone security is a decent one. However, it has outlived its purpose. This system has its loopholes using which the hackers can gain access to your systems and create mischief. The advancement in technology allows them this privilege. Therefore, there is an urgent need to tighten up the security. The use of the SKYECC security system is the only guaranteed solution for secure messaging. The fact that this security system is infinitely stronger than the present day PGP phones system.

Let’s discuss some of the advanced features of SKYECC.

Encryption of each part

This system ensures that it encrypts every part of your messages including the header, body, sender, and receiver information, etc. Thus, the hacker does not get any foothold into the system. It takes care of the pilferage of data without your knowledge. Also, you do not have to enlist the support of the mobile service providers for creating the encryption keys. You do it yourself thereby ensuring complete privacy.

Secure Vault

SkyECC allows you to encrypt and store notes, pictures, and conversations. Whereas, PGP phones do not support encrypted multimedia storage options.

Brute Force Protection

The hacker can use Brute Force devices to hack your device. However, SKYECC is impervious to Brute Force techniques. This system enables you to tackle methods like threats and coercion as well.

Duress Password

With the help of duress password, you can delete the data on your phone right in front of the hacker’s eyes without the hacker suspecting anything amiss. You enter the duress password in the same way you open your usual access codes. However, on entering the duress password, the system proceeds to delete the entire information from the phone systematically. It will prevent the hacker from accessing any information for the simple reason that there will not be any.

For nearly ten years, SKYECC has set an extremely high standard for secure mobile messaging. SKYECC offers multiple layers of encryption and password protection to deliver one of the most secure, private, and anonymous messaging applications available on the market. So, no need to worry. SKYECC is there to bring you out from data security issues.