Rugged System And Their Benefits To Use Them

When we do work in any company we see that there are the systems are too huge and they are operated by many people. Even not all the systems are huge but some of them, which are worked lots of small systems. But they need a processor which works in all the conditions. And for this, they need a system that works well and give the best result. Earlier, people use different systems for this, and in the end when the workload increase they have to set a backup processor because the existing system will anytime be stopped.

But in today’s time, there is no need to worry about anything because everyday innovations are done and new techniques come into the market. From those, the one is rugged systems. Rugged systems are specially designed systems. These systems work in any condition and any mode. That means they are specially designed to work in harsh usage environments and conditions, like strong vibrations, wet or dusty conditions, and extreme temperatures. In all the conditions the rugged system can work and help you to do your work without any issue.

Benefits of the Rugged Systems

Even there are many benefits of the rugged systems and to use them for your work. These are:

  • These are mainly developed to work in the harsh environment, small spaces, with an active or custom passive thermal dissipation, and also according to your need.
  • These systems are specially designed to meet all your requirements such as hardening, thermal issues, temperature, specific qualification, humidity and altitude, tropicalization, and vibrations and shocks.
  • We also offer the expertise for the development of the full system.
  • But the development also depends on the COTS board integration, and which are with or without the custom boards development.

Specifications of the Rugged System

Rugged systems are explained as the development of the customized systems to achieve the precise needs of the customers.

These requirements are environmental qualifications, dissipation, ruggedized level, specific form factor to fit in a specific space.

The rugged systems are created complaints with the applicable electronic norms, even more, certifications can be applied and all of them are according to the customer’s need.

Features of the rugged system

There are many features of the rugged system that are important to know for you. So, if in the future you need this type of system, you can use this without any issue. The features are:

  • Environment
  • Compactness
  • Thermal dissipation

These three also have the classification:

  1. Environment:
  • Qualification
  • Thermal
  • Vibration and shocks
  • Tropicalization
  • Temperature, humidity, and altitude
  • Hardening
  • Development of embedded systems on military armored vehicles
  1. Compactness:
  • Custom form factor
  • VPX
  1. Thermal dissipation:
  • Active
  • Custom passive
  • VPX cold conduction, Heatpipe, skiving, extrusion processing

These all are the features, benefits, and specifications of the rugged systems. Now, we can understand that what is the role of the rugged system in the companies and for manufacturing the big systems.