Quick information on different types of Medicare Plan Options

Medicare Plan is a kind of health insurance program in the United States which gives Medicare benefits to senior citizens through a private Sector health insurer. There are five different Medicare Plans in United States which is offered to senior citizens. These Plans are called as Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B, Medicare Part C, Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage Plans.

Medicare Part A coverage is provided by original Medicare. This is the most common type of Medicare coverage and it offers general coverage for medical expenses. Medicare Part A premium amount is generally based on your family’s income and the size of your bank account. Part A coverage may also cover dental benefits, eye care, home health care and some vision coverage. Medicare Part A plan may also cover some outpatient health care costs.

Medicare Part B covers hospitalization, diagnostic tests, durable medical equipment, hospital outpatient care, and complementary health care services. Medicare Part B premium amount is generally based on your health rating and the area in which you live. Medicare Part B coverage helps to provide the additional coverage for nursing home costs and the coverage for emergency care.

Medicare Part B may also cover some minor aesthetician services and some prescription drugs. There is no Medicare Part B premium based on age. However, there is a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan (Fifty) that seniors can join, if they qualify for Medicare.

Medicare Supplement Plans 2022 has extra benefits and coverage that are not offered in the traditional Medicare Plan. It includes: vision insurance, diabetic supplies, dental benefits, hearing aids, drug coverage, physical therapy and prescription drugs. Some people are under Medicare supplement insurance because they have been injured or become ill and need additional coverage. Some of these people are also considered high risk, so insurance companies may not offer the standard Medicare coverage.

Medicare Advantage Plans is basically additional Medicare options that are available to members of Medicare. They are supplemental insurance coverage that is designed to supplement the original Medicare plan. Medicare Advantage Plans is offered by private insurance companies and they are usually selected based on the specific coverage need of a member. The member then pays for the same coverage as those covered under the original Medicare program, with the added benefit of getting additional services and coverage.

In addition to medicare coverage and Medicare Supplement Plans, there are also Health Insurance Pool Plans and High Deductible Health Insurance Plan. Both of these optional plans are optional and the government does not force anyone to join one or the other. But both of these programs are good options for many people depending on their individual needs. And it is best to understand all the Medicare options prior to enroling in any Medicare health insurance program.