PDF to ePub: How to convert your ebook file

With a “PDF to ePub Converter” you can convert any PDF files into the familiar eBook format. This has some advantages, even if your reader can use PDF format. We introduce you to the possibilities.

Some readers can handle different eBook formats and others can only handle a very limited range. iPad and Tolino can open your eBook as PDF as well as in ePub format. The Kindle, on the other hand, cannot handle both formats optimally. But there are other readers too, so if you want to convert a PDF, you can use a “PDF to ePub Converter”. Solutions like the ingenious Caliber tool are ideal here – or you can do the job online.

PDF to ePub – online

If you cannot or do not want to install a special PDF to ePub converter, an online page is available for this purpose. “AnyPDF” is capable of numerous format conversions and also has various eBook converters. You can not only convert PDF to ePub there, but also, for example, in the AZW (for Amazon’s Kindle) or MOBI formats.

It is relatively easy to use. This is how you use the PDF to ePub function:

  1. Click on Browse at the top of the form and select the PDF file.
  2. In the optional settings, you can also specify your eBook reader and a book title or author. Both are written into the eBook.
  3. Click on Convert file and after uploading the PDF file will be converted into ePub format.

The conversion takes some time, depending on the file size. Then you can download the finished file and load it onto your reader.

Use software to transform a PDF to ePub and transfer it straight away

The already mentioned freeware program Calibre is a kind of “Swiss knife” when it comes to eBooks. You can use it to convert all possible formats into other formats and transfer them to your reader right away. So it is not a pure PDF to ePub converter, but the tool can do a lot more. For example, you can use it to convert a PDF to AZW and transfer it to your Kindle reader right away.

Converting PDF to ePub couldn’t be easier:

  1. Start Calibre and use the mouse to drag the PDF into the program window.
  2. Click the Convert Books icon at the top.
  3. In the next window you select the target format ePub at the top right.
  4. On the left you can make a few settings for the appearance and structure of the eBook.
  5. Finally click OK in the lower right corner.

Calibre converts your PDF into ePub, creates a cover and saves everything in a collective directory. All you have to do is transfer the file to your reader, but Calibre can even do that if you connect it to your PC with a cable.