Messaging made easy with apps

One of the benefits of advancement in technology has been ease in communication. Communication which used to take days or months is now possible within seconds. Messaging apps like Whatsapp have played a huge role in this. Many businesses and institutions have benefited from these apps. Even though Whatsapp holds a prominent place in communication there have been many other apps which has played a role in making communication accessible.

Some of the examples of these messaging apps are:

  • Wire – Founded in 2014, this app is an alternative to Whatsapp about which not many people are aware. Group calling is enabled in this app. It stores meta data in the same way as telegram. Storage of meta data is not compulsory. This app works on different platforms. However, the end to end chat processes are not transferred between different devices and platforms.
  • Telegram – Being cloud based this app allows storage and access of data across platforms whether it is mobile or desktop. It only uses mobile number for establishing initial contact. It has enabled large file sharing which gives it an advantage over Whatsapp which only allows sharing of files of limited size.
  • Skype : This is a very useful app for conducting video calls . It provides solutions for communications in large businesses and industries. This app can also be used to send messages and videos.
  • Snapchat: This app is used to share photos and videos which disappear after a few time. They are used primarily for entertainment purpose. It is a great way to share funny moments with families and friends. 

Thus, we see that communication has not only been made quicker but also more entertaining with the help of these apps. It is important though that we use these apps in a responsible manner and make sure that we communicate in person with each other.