Medicare Plan N Cost: Should You Buy It?

Medicare plan N is a pan that helps cover the expenses of Medical part A and Part B. It has a low premium rate, and therefore, it is a viable option for medical insurance. Compared to Plan G and Plan F, it is much more affordable. It provides coverage to pay for the expenses not covered by Medicare parts A and B. The expenses can also include co-pays and coinsurance that you will be responsible for paying.

It is a great alternative to Plan G, with a cheaper rate of premium and lower increase rates. It can be at least 30 dollars less than plan G, with all the similar benefits. Medicare plan N costs around 120 to 180 dollars a month. Depending on the state you live in, it can even go as high as 200 dollars or as low as 80 dollars. You realize the need for insurance in times of an emergency. To prevent situations like these, it is essential to buy the insurance beforehand to get the best possible assists during the time of emergency.


  • It covers medicare part A with hospital stays up to 365 days. It covers medicare part B for outpatient care and procedures and a doctor’s office. It also covers blood transfusion for up to the first three pints.
  • It can cover up to 80 percent of the healthcare costs outside the USA.
  • It covers up to 100 percent of your plan B coinsurance with all of the medical bills.


  • Plan N doesn’t cover the deductible for Plan B. Also, you are required to pay doctor’s visit and emergency room visit fees which is about 50 dollars.
  • The costs of the plan depend highly on the location you live. So, if you live near the downtown or urban areas, be ready to pay a hefty price for the premium. The medicare plan Ncost can be high for some people.

If you’re enrolled in Medicare plans A and B, you can easily upgrade to plan N. You can check the availability of the plan in your state. Read all the enrolment standards, guidelines, and terms n conditions before you proceed with buying the plan. It is essential to know about all the pros and cons and choose only if it suits your needs and budget. Although it is one of the most viable and affordable plans out there, it may not be the perfect fit for everyone. Research well, take suggestions from many doctors and then go with the plan.

If you think that plan N is of utmost right for you, it is essential to buy the plan from a big, genuine, and trustworthy insurance company. Many companies scam people by selling plan N, and at the time of need, they back off to assist. Compare the plan N policies provided by different companies. Research if they provide all the coverage of plan N or not. And finally, buy the plan from the company that provides it at the cheapest price.