Know Everything About Internet Leased Lines

You need to have constant access to an internet connection that is robust and secure if you run a business. It is for this reason that businesses are deploying ILL – Internet Leased Lines as a means of securing cost-effective and seamless internet connectivity.

Is an ILL capable of providing businesses with complete management?

To run a successful business and stay ahead of the competition, businesses need uninterrupted and seamless communication and transactions online. The negative impact on productivity and efficiency of a business that results from data delays is devastating. An IT network with many technologies involves multidimensional processes that require high-speed internet connectivity. In this case, an ILL connection is essential.

The Internet Leasing Line is a business-class service with dedicated full-duplex internet bandwidth and industry-backed SLAs – Service Level Agreements. The range of speeds varies from 10 MBPS up to 1 GBPS, catering to different business requirements. A company’s employees can upload or download important documents and files without having to worry about bad internet connections. To maintain high levels of productivity, it enables cloud applications to run securely and provides seamless connectivity to remote offices that don’t have adequate network access. A dedicated ILL service ensures carrier-grade connectivity for all branches of a company.

Businesses can sign up for a plan with a desired speed to gain access to uninterrupted internet access and benefit from high-reliability, flexibility, and scalability.

An Internet Leased Line has the following advantages:

Speeds: Internet Leased Lines provide fixed bandwidth and symmetric speeds. Businesses benefit from a similar upload and download speed so they can manage their work efficiently. Broadband connections have asymmetric bandwidth, i.e., download speeds are faster than upload speeds.

Concurrency-free & Fixed Bandwidth: With ILL service, you get guaranteed bandwidth and constant speeds. In a broadband connection, multiple premises share the same cable in various ways, resulting in high latency and low speed. Regardless of whether you have a 76Mbps connection, your speed can vary depending on how many other people are using broadband simultaneously. If you need seamless internet access to manage your daily operations, you might experience very slow speeds during peak hours. Due to the fixed bandwidth provided by an ILL, there is no connection contention with others. ILL connectivity at 10 Mbps will provide you with a complete 10 Mbps speed connection.

SLAs and reliability: A ILL connection comes with a Service Level Agreement, which commits ISPs to a certain level of service. It won’t matter if you have poor internet connectivity or if the site is unavailable for a few hours. Most broadband providers do not guarantee uptime. The internet leased lines offer reliable service, as well as strong, point-to-point SLAs.

Savings on Network Maintenance: Businesses that expand will also have more users and processes. It is an excellent choice for this scenario since it is a scalable service with low latency, low jitter, and better uptime. Businesses can upgrade their speed and bandwidth plans according to their activities and requirements if they wish.