Internet Marketing Coach – Better Option Than Internet Marketing Training Courses?

If you are thinking of starting an Internet business is it better to work with an Internet Marketing coach or invest in the latest Internet Marketing training course?

When I first decided that starting an Internet business was something I really wanted to do I invested in training course after training course in the belief that they would show me the way to Internet success and teach me how to earn a six figure income online.

What I actually found was that many were incomplete (they did not tell the whole story even though they promised to) and others contained information that I was unable to put into action – I just did not understand them!

What I also found was that my enthusiasm to learn led to me investing in too many courses, many of which I actually never used, but I just felt I was missing out if I did not have them!

This whole scenario lead to a sense of frustration in me and it was not until I found an Internet marketing coach that I saw real progress.

So how can an Internet Marketing coach help where a more ‘passive’ training course cannot?

Set a programme and schedule learning.

Many people, in their desire to build a successful Internet business, often ‘collect’ as much information as they can. This can often lead to information overload, they get to feeling overwhelmed and then get frozen to a standstill by the sheer amount of information.

An Internet marketing coach or mentor will set a program for you and make sure you learn step by step, avoid overwhelm and therefore stay on track.

Help you avoid mistakes.

Any experienced Internet marketer will have made mistakes as a part of their learning process. You can benefit from your coaches experience and avoid making these mistakes yourself.

Provide accountability.

It is a proven fact that we are far more likely to succeed in anything if we are accountable to a third-party. It is far easier to justify failure to ourselves than it is to a third-party and this accountability has the effect of driving us forward.

While it is certainly not a master-slave relationship the power of this accountability is not to be underestimated

Be there for support.

The primary role of an Internet Marketing coach is to support you when things get tough! Maybe you don’t understand something, maybe you’re concerned about your progress, maybe you’re just having difficulty managing your time and getting things done – it doesn’t matter what!

Having a coach or mentor there to help you, or just listen, can be of tremendous benefit and remove the sense of isolation or frustration that can sometimes build.