If You Need a Screen Replaced Don’t Do It Yourself

You can get a replacement screen installed at the Mac Studio repair center. They can replace the screen on MacBook Pro, Mac Pro with both screen on the outside or the entire set of screens. They used the genuine parts, but it might take some time to get your computer back. They will also check the condition first for free before replacing any screen. Remember the newest Mac in some cases has a MacBook spare screen [จอ MacBook, which are the term in Thai].

Don’t try it yourself

Do not order a new screen from Apple and try to replace it yourself. If you have other damage along with the screen it will be difficult to replace, and you will also be voiding your warranty. Especially if you are replacing MacBook Pro Retina screens, best to leave all of this up to the professionals.

Easily damaged

These new screens can get damaged easily if the computer is dropped or gets completely wet. So, if you dropped any of the Apple products on the ground or into the swimming pool – get to Mac Studio. Before they start any work, they will give you a free quote on how much this is going to cost. But you also get a warranty with this work.

More and more refined

As these products become more and more refined with more and better programs, the more the hardware becomes complex and not easy for a user to repair. Don’t be a ‘do it yourself” user thinking you know everything. You will screw up something else and will need to go and take the product to the repair center. Only now it will take longer to get your product up and running.

If you live in Thailand you are lucky to have such a great repair center at Mac Studio, so use them instead of fixing it yourself.