How to Get Wi-Fi Access on the Go

Our lives are now so heavily dependent on technology that internet access has become a basic human necessity. This need is felt even more when traveling. There are many travel-oriented apps like TripAdvisor, Airbnb, and Google Maps that we need to access while we are traveling. We now even do simple grocery shopping online. Even when we go to a library to study or complete an assignment, we need internet access to help us out. Given this situation, it is natural for us to look for a Wi-Fi connection wherever we go. Read on to find out how to get Wi-Fi access on the go.

Go to a Nearby Coffee Shop or Café

Most public places these days offer Wi-Fi connectivity. The hospitality industry is also no different. Just go to any nearby restaurant or coffee shop. You will most likely be able to get internet access. You will typically only be required to place an order to get the Wi-Fi password. Some places might even give you internet access despite not making a purchase.

In America, some of the common places where you can get Wi-Fi access are fast food outlets like Subway, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, KFC, and Burger King. This is not an exhaustive list. We are sure there must be tons of other places that offer Wi-Fi access.

Switch on Your Mobile Hotspot

You can use your cellphone to get access to Wi-Fi. As long as you have a mobile data package, all that needs to be done is to switch on the mobile hotspot to get internet access for other Wi-Fi enables devices. With this feature, you can connect your computer, tablet, and other devices to Wi-Fi. However, the mobile hotspot function uses up a lot of battery. Make sure you carry your phone charger around and or keep a power pack so your phone doesn’t run out of battery.

Purchase a Travel SIM

Internet access is among the most important resource to have while traveling. While you can get mobile internet through data roaming, it is considerably expensive. A solution for this is purchasing a travel SIM. It is more expensive than a regular SIM, but it will allow you cheaper internet access. You can use data on the go without incurring additional roaming charges whether you are traveling within your country or abroad.

Switch to AT & T Internet

With their nationwide Wi-Fi hotspots, switching to AT & T internet will allow you to get internet access across America. You can get free internet access through their Wi-Fi hotspots. This means you will not need to use your mobile data or find a public Wi-Fi network to use the internet. Contact AT & T internet now to get connected to their network.

AT & T has installed over 30,000 Wi-Fi hotspots in 21 states across America. You can qualify for high-speed internet on the go by subscribing to AT & T bundles. You will also get secure internet access through these hotspots. Connecting to public Wi-Fi networks is often risky as they are unsecured. So using AT & T Wi-Fi hotspots will give you peace of mind when using the internet.

Public Wi-Fi hotspots are a great way to stay connected. You can use them to attend online work meetings, perform work tasks, give an online exam, study online, and even watch streaming content. It is truly a wonderful thing to have, especially for frequent travelers. No matter where you go, it will help you keep connected. Wi-Fi hotspots have truly made it easier for people to get internet access.

Purchase a Wi-Fi Range Extender

These days it is quite easy to find free public Wi-Fi networks. However, you may sometimes get a weak signal strength which will hinder your online activity. Using a Wi-Fi range extender will help you counter this problem. While useful for everyone, it offers particular utility for people who travel frequently. With this device you can boost the signal strength when you are connected to a public Wi-Fi network. It can work for all Wi-Fi enabled devices. Whether you are using a computer or a cellphone, a range extender will help you get a good Wi-Fi signal.

Summing Up

As mentioned earlier, internet access has become a necessity rather than luxury. Our daily lives revolve so heavily around the internet that we can’t afford not to have this resource. We will need it even when we are travelling. Perhaps we need it more while traveling. Fortunately we live in a world where we can get internet access in most places. Many public places offer this service. We may have to deal with less than desired internet speeds. However, there are ways to counter this. Just follow the advice mentioned in this blog so you may remain connected to the internet wherever you may be.