How to avoid ban and risk when hacking 3DS with 3DS XL flashcart ?

These days, more and more players have chosen to take a purchase of the 3DS flashcart to crack Nintendo 3DS, New3DS XL, New2DS XL. For beginners, we do not know if it’s safe to use a 3DS flashcart to hack free games on 3DS 11.10.0. How to avoid a BigN ban of our 3DS or New3DS console? Today you can find the answer.

flashcart 3DS reliable or not?

Yes of course ! You can play 3DS games and NDS ROMs for free and without risk on Nintendo New2DS XL, New3DS XL, 3DS and 2DS. Why is it safe to take a 3DS flashcart to crack a 3DS 11.10 and an old 1.4.5 console?

First, a 3DS flashcart has a very long history, it is created by different groups over 5 years. So it is not a problem to run ROMs downloaded to the MicroSD card with a 3DS flashcart.

Second, a 3DS flashcart updates very regularly to support more 3DS games or more functions for all players. If an update of the 3DS firmware blocks 3DS flashcart, the flashcart group will update a software to properly support the new update of the 3DS.

In addition, the technology of the flashcart is very similar as an original game. It’s very difficult for the BigN to block it.

And the release of the 3DS flashcart promotes the sale of the Nintendo 3DS and New3DS. Because players can enjoy free games on Nintendo 3DS up to version

In fact, there is no console that is banned by BigN because of using a 3DS flashcart. But there are stiil consoles that are banned, that’s why?

Banishment of 3DS in Portugal

Consoles that have an error code of 001-0102 or 002-0102, the consoles are banned by BigN. Why did we get an error code on the screen of the 3DS?

Although it is difficult to find a common solution between all users concerned, many admit to install custom firmware (3DS custom firmware) on the system. With custom firmware, users can modify their 3DS, use emulators, play downloaded games, and more.

Banned users say they can still use their systems, but they are prohibited to play online or use services like Miiverse. Some players say they call the Nintendo support phone line to advocate for their systems or use multiple 3DS systems to circumvent the bans.

How to avoid being banned on 3DS?

So, how to avoid the ban of the 3DS console? You may find that they used a custom 3DS fimware, so it’s dangerous to hack consoles with a 3DS CFW. In fact, there is a lot of custom firmware on the market. CFW NTR, CFW Pasta, NTRBoothax, arm9loaderhax, Ninjhax 2 etc.

The handling of these custom firmwares is not easy, so if you don’t follow well the guide, your console will have a great possibility of being banned.

Banned because of using a 3DS flashcart?

There are many players who have enjoyed online 3DS games with a Sky3ds+ flashcart, such as Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon games. But they used a public header, so he received an error code of 090-0212. As a result, the console is banned. So if you took a Sky3ds+ card to read 3DS online games, then you have to dump the private header.

To solve this problem, the official website of has released the Skydock 3DS to dump the private header of an original 3DS game. So there is no risk of playing online games with a Sky3ds+ flashcart.

Which 3DS flashcart to buy in Portugal?

As we know, a 3DS flashcart is reliable on a Nintendo 3DS and New3DS. So, which 3DS flashcart will we choose for a 3DS version 11.10.0-43 and DS 1.4.5? There are two possibilities:

A 3DS flashcart for free 3DS games:

If you prefer to enjoy free 3DS games, then a Sky3ds+ card is your best choice! now, it is in stock on with the cheap price!

In addition, it is a quality flashcart for running newer and older 3DS games. It has a very high compatibility. The latest firmware V140 allows you to play online games without getting banned your 3DS.

A hack card of NDS ROMs:

R4i SDHC 3DS is your best choice for running free DS games. The price is not expensive for the R4 3DS card. You can even enjoy very fun functions with a R4 3DS flashcart, like RTS, cheat code, homebrew etc. And the tutorial is very simple for all beginners.

Which flashcart reads both of 3DS games and DS ROMs?

Stargate 3DS flashcart is available now. It comes from site. It allows you to play both 3DS games and DS ROMs for free. And Stargate 3DS also supports GBA, NES and SNES emulator. It’s a 3DS flashcart with great potential for the 3DS hack! You can order this flashcart on mod-switch which is the official distributor site in Portugal.


There is not risk of playing free games with a 3DS flashcart. You can buy sky3ds or stargate at cheap price in without worry. The parcel is sent fast with free shipping for all Portuguese customers.