How esports Is Using AI For Creating More Efficient Gaming Experience?

How esports Is Using AI For Creating More Efficient Gaming Experience?

In 2022, the eSports market was estimated to be just above US$1.38 billion. It has been predicted to reach US$1.87 billion by 2025. Statista also reported that the worldwide audience of eSports was 532 million, and by 2025, viewership will be over 640 million globally, where more audiences will be interested in watching their favourite eGamers play the games online. The result is those game developers in eSports are not only looking for ways to create new gaming concepts. With these concepts, angel investor and billionaire TejKholi is putting his faith behind them. But he knows that the developers have to work to keep players and audiences engaged since the industry is fast-moving and competitive. However, the job is extremely time-consuming, which is difficult for humans, but thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), the job can be done with efficiency. Other transformations include:

Machine Learning In eSports For Prediction

In any game, performance analysis is vital not only for the player but also for the team and the viewers. It often helps them perform better, but unlike other sports where the game is manual, in eSports, the landscape is digital. The result is, it offers a massive amount of data that AI can use in machine learning to analyse, predict, and provide in real-time to gamers to improve their strategy and the game.

Also, for people who like to gamble in sports, these data like player performance, tournament statistics, exclusive region-based data, team ranking, etc. can provide high-quality insights for determining better betting odds.

AI In Gaming for Better Engagement

Two factors have been the driving force behind generating revenue in eSports: the players and the fans’ engagement. Since eSports depend on patronage and the reaction of the fans, AI helps in optimising the reaction of the fans by improving the existing experience and drawing in new fans by providing invaluable insights to the eSports organisers, players, and fans.

The big data in eSports generated by AI can analyse the engagement of the players, the new subscriptions of the fans, the preference of the game, and how the gamers want to play it. These data can further be used to provide customised experiences to fans, create advertisements, and develop marketing strategies so relevant audiences can be reached. Part of the better engagement is also done with the help of AI bots, where consumers can search for the game that suits their tastes. Moreover, live machine learning can help in predicting what an individual customer is likely to purchase based on prior preferences.

AI Tools for Gaming To Prevent Cheating

In the world of eSports, one major concern for players, fans, and sponsors is cheating. It can easily impact the trust of the fans and the sponsors while giving a negative reputation to the sport. Even though game developers try quite hard to address the issues and create cheating-preventive software within the game, the result is not always that effective. Players and fans have often noticed that certain games lack an effective anti-cheating element. Furthermore, malicious players often find a way to outsmart the anti-cheating section and override it.

However, AI tools can be used to monitor the behaviour of the player, identify their playing patterns and suspicious performances, and use the data to create a comprehensive solution before the game is impacted.

AI In Gaming: How Is It Transforming The Industry?

Artificial Intelligence in eSports is now covering an array of sections that warrant better gaming, an improved player and viewer experience, and fair play. It won’t be far-fetched to state that Artificial Intelligence eSports is transforming the industry like never before.

The result is that investors like Mr Tej Kohli are finding a way for eSports gamers to have a better future. With Kohli Ventures, the real estate investor is transforming the world of eSports with new competitions and games.