Five reasons why your business should be on Instagram STARTING TODAY!

Social media marketing is a very common and trendy digital marketing strategy that yields high ROI. Just like every other social media platform present, Instagram also has a massive potential to blow up your business in no time. Visual cues have the maximum engagement and are high selling. Thus, you can easily create a tremendous change in your leads and sales with Instagram.  You can also click here to buy instagram followers.

If you are still contemplating whether your business should be on Instagram or not, here is a comprehensive list of a few reasons why you should incorporate Instagram as one of your social media marketing strategies. Let’s check them out. 

Suitable for all businesses

Be it a new emerging startup or a full-fledged big enterprise. Instagram can help transform all types and sizes of businesses. With the right Instagram marketing strategies, you can gain incredible exposure and engagement for your business, giving more sales. If your Instagram has a decent follower list, you can easily use it to raise brand awareness and reach your target audience with a few posts, stories, reels, or live sessions. It is that easy. Maintaining an active and consistent social presence is the only necessity. 

However, this is primarily applicable if you already have a great follower base. If you have a new account, high chances are you might not have many followers initially. You can either go for the regular organic method or quickly get more Instagram followers by opting for websites such as Famoid, which offers authentic and genuine followers that can help give you more engagement, directly impacting your business metrics.

Make money directly from Instagram

Ecommerce sales are just not limited to your regular Etsy and Shopify. You can even use Instagram to generate revenue. The latest update of Instagram consists of the “SHOP” tab, allowing users to explore, discover and shop directly from your Instagram page. There is also a separate feed only for the Instagram shoppable posts. To get higher ranks and more visibility in the shoppable feed, use the right hashtags that are trendy and popular. Add them into your caption along with an enticing product description, price, and other details. The “shop now” button will lead your buyers directly to your online e-commerce store. Thus, Instagram has a tremendous conversion rate in general.

Get more sight on competitors

There is no better way to spy on your competitors and get their performance metrics other than stalking and analyzing their social media handles. You can effectively keep an eye on your competitor’s steps and plan your next moves accordingly. This involves the captions, types of content, content creation term, etc. This will give you a great insight into their marketing strategies and stay ahead in the competition. You can also visit to know in details about how to get started on instagram.

Influence marketing

Instagram influencers are someone most people trust and rely on while buying any products or services. Thus, using this to your benefit is a brilliant move. Believe it or not but these influencers are almost inline celebrities. Numerous Instagram influencers within your niche can actively promote or advertise your brand within their posts and stories. This will help gain an excellent follower base. 

Since these Instagram influencers have millions of followers, publicizing your products or services by them will give you a grand exposure which will yet again help in gaining more leads.

Instagram ads

If you have a PPC ad campaign strategy for your business, then Instagram ads should be one of them. You can create customizable, trackable ads that convert your leads into confirmed buyers. Your ads can be within stories or posts. These Instagram ads can effectively track the demographics and metrics through the link and collect all the valuable data, which can help improve your overall PPC campaign. You can also read the blog to know more about how to increase your brand reach using Instagram.

All of it comes down to the right strategy. Instagram is a crucial social media platform that you cannot ignore if you want success. Thus, make your Instagram business account today and get the maximum amount of profits!