Finest Options On The Proper Online Marketing In the Right Steps

Here’s a sample of the latest video from Matt about moving a site from one domain to another. In online marketing this is important now.

InMap – Your LinkedIn network visually

LinkedIn, a social media service, has released a new tool called InMaps that lets you build a visual view of your own LinkedIn network. Click here to see my LinkedIn network featured by InMap. Below is also the picture.

We are not quite sure how this could be used in marketing, but it’s pretty, isn’t it?

LinkedIn is a very useful tool anyway. New customer acquisition, as it is often possible to find out, for example, the right people in their organization, and their background, to whom they should focus their sales efforts. Learn more about using LinkedIn for customer acquisition here – Sales 2.0.

Don’t Build Your Ecommerce That Way

The story was launched for the American market. The principle of e-commerce is that you cannot buy from a store nor even view its contents without first registering as a customer of the store. After all, the idea of ​​an online store that requires membership and the kind of exclusivity it brings is an interesting concept that may work – at least in principle. 


The e-commerce store itself and its founders received a typical downturn in There are comments expressing ” jealousy”. Somehow, just when someone is really trying something different in our country, there are always many more judges and predictors of failure than motivators. But what about it, it probably doesn’t make any entrepreneur on his own path, even though the dogs are barking.

E-shop missing

But – and this is a big but. One of the lifeblood of ecommerce is that the ecommerce itself and the products offered in the ecommerce can easily be found by search engines like Google. Only when the entire e-commerce store with all product pages is hidden behind registration and authentication, the result is that no Design Story e-commerce content page is indexed in the Google database. Google when you can’t sign up for an Ecommerce Store.

The Story ecommerce is not found on Google at all any keywords. It is clear that this type of business model will not work as it is, because e-commerce and its products must be found by a search engine in order to succeed.

Concept check in place?

So what is the solution to this? At least in principle, it is possible to make ecommerce content visible to search engines without registration. This means that the crawler will be presented with (or at least part of) the content of the ecommerce store without the need to sign in, but users will be required to sign in. It only sounds very cumbersome and it costs money to implement.