Excel Data Insertion: 5 Time-Saving Approaches

There are five typical ways to enter basic Excel formulae while evaluating data. Each technique has its own set of benefits. As a result, we’ll explain those ways so you may start planning your desired workflow right now. You can also check out some Excel Tutorial videos to attain perfection.

  1. Basic Insertion: Entering a Formula into a Cell

Inserting standard Excel formulae is as simple as typing an equation in a cell or by using the formula bar. Typically, the procedure begins with an equal sign which is followed by the identification of the Excel formula.

Excel is clever in that it displays a pop-up function indication as you start entering the function name. You’ll choose your option from this list. Do not, however, hit the Enter key. Instead, hit the Tab key to keep inserting further selections. Otherwise, you can get an incorrect name error, which looks like ‘#NAME?’ Simply pick the cell again and execute your function in the formula bar.

  1. By Using the Formulas Tab’s Add Function Feature

The Excel Add Function dialogue box is what you need if you are looking for having complete control over inserting the function. To get it done, navigate to the tab where Formula is written and pick Add Function from the very first selection. All of the features you’ll need to do your monetary analysis can be found in that dialogue box.

  1. Selecting a Formula from Groups of One of the Formula Tab

This choice is for those folks who wish to rapidly get to their favorite features. Browse to the Formula section and choose your desired group to get access to this menu. Click there to open the sub-menu with a list of all functions. You can easily select your preferred option. If your favorite group isn’t shown on that tab, choose the option of More Functions which can most likely be found there.

  1. Using the AutoSum Feature

These sum formulas in Excel are often used by everyday users. The AutoSum method is your go-to tool for rapid and everyday jobs. So, go to the Home page and choose the AutoSum button in the far-right corner. Then click the mouse cursor to reveal more formulas that were earlier concealed. This option is also accessible after the Insert Function alternative in the Formulas tab.

  1. Use Frequently Used Tabs for Inserting Fast

Use the Frequently Used option instead of retyping your recently used formula if you find it tedious. It’s on the Formulas menu, right next to AutoSum, as the choice of third menu.