Colocation data centers really worth it?

You may think about whether investing in a colocation data center would be worth it or not, so here you go. Colocation is an ideal way to deal with daily changing IT challenges. A big yes to the ones who want to know whether colocation services [วาง colo, which is the term in Thai] really worth it or not, collocation will increase the flexibility of your infrastructure. It will provide complete guaranty for the storage and security of your data with low maintenance practice cost. You just have to pay for what you use, it cuts off the cost associated with power maintenance in house server. You will be facilitated with 24/7 monitoring and management service. You will feel secure after knowing that your data is secured within the walls of the monitored data center. 

How the colocation data center is better than creating your own data center: 

In today’s challenging economy, many organizations are facing high demand for IT services. The increasing burden of IT is unbearable by existing data centers, they need to establish another site to provide and store information with disaster recovery capabilities and regional network support. For some companies, the known solution is to build another data center of their own, whereas many companies nowadays collaborating with the colocation data center. With the advancement of technology, colocation is now offering cloud server to process data. Colocation suppliers use safety efforts, for example, biometric scanners, on-location security, and caution frameworks to verify your servers. Suppliers deal with both physical and virtual security issues for you. You don’t need to stress over introducing costly security hardware, and you can securely leave it to the colocation supplier to oversee. Most of the companies trying to expand their data centers but the main problem comes across is space and running out of power; that is why colocation has become a necessity in such cases. You can also get customer support when you register yourself at colocation data centers.