Block Facebook Applications

With all of the interactivity Facebook has with quizzes and applications, you might not know that every time you fill in one of these quizzes or visit a certain application, you grant that application certain permissions. Some of these permissions include:

Accessing your data when you’re not using the application.
Publishing to your wall.
and sending you emails.
If you’ve used any application within Facebook, these instructions will help you remove those permissions that you may have unknowingly agreed to. So let’s get started…

Log in to Facebook.
On the top right-hand side of the page is some white text entitled “Account” with a little drop-down arrow next to it.
Click on “Account” and then choose “Application Settings”.
The first thing that you’ll see is a list of applications you’ve recently used. But notice that there’s a drop-down arrow next to “show”. If you click on this you’ll see various other application settings.

From this list, choose “Authorized” because the tasks we’ll perform in this section will be the same for all of the other lists. This will also show us the largest list of applications that we’ve authorized.

Next to each application are three links.

Edit Settings
and an “x”.
Now, the first question we want to ask ourselves is:

Is this an application that I use on a regular basis? If it is, we’ll edit the settings in a little bit.
If it ISN’T, click on the “X” next to the application and a new box will pop-up telling you that it will no longer have access to your data. You can also leave a rating for the application (and this is entirely optional). To remove it, click the “Remove” button.
If you DO use the application on a regular basis, then you’ll simply want to edit the settings. You won’t need to edit the settings in most cases if you use the application quite often but in the event that you do, here are your options:

Click on the “Edit Settings” link next to the application you want to edit.