Are Google Posts more of a Conversion Factor than Ranking Factor?

Google Posts are no ranking factor, but they can be an effective resource for boosting local business conversion rates. This week, we have a special corner for you to understand how the best SEO company in India considers Google posts as the ‘Conversion Factor’ than a ranking factor.

Value of Google My Business

Google My Business can be your new homepage. Now, this can be your first impression on your potential customers. If anyone wants your contact number instead of going to your website, they can do it from the search engine result page.

For local businesses – the one that offers their services to customers face-to-face at a physical location such as a plumber or optometric specialist – you are eligible for Google My Business listing, which is a major aspect of any “local SEO Strategy”.

You can easily beat the competition and show your potential customers why they must check you out. Google Posts are just the right place for it.

Using Google Posts Effectively

Google Posts were released back in 2016, but even in 2021, not many people know about it precisely unless they have the support of the right SEO services.

Google Posts are effective for your business when used correctly.

These posts are free advertising tools on Google. And, these can be more effective on mobiles when mixed with other organic results.

Even on the desktop, Google Posts attracts your customers and stands out from your competitors. Essentially, they can initiate pre-site conversions.

Have you heard about zero-click search?

People can be turned into leads without them getting to your site. These are displayed as a thumbnail: an image with a small text underneath it. When a user clicks on these thumbnails, the entire post pops-up fills the window on either desktop or mobile.

Hence, when you do not influence ranking, Google Posts become a conversion factor.

For example, if it takes 10 minutes to make a post and you do it once a week, it’s possible to get more than only one conversion.

Avoid some words

A quick tip: Be precautious about the text.

Literally, anything with a “sexual undertone” can get your post denied from Google. This could be annoying for some industries. For say, if you are posting about weather stripping, it will be rejected because it has the word “stripping.” Or if you are a plumber agency and posting about toilet repairs, it could be denied using the word “toilet”.

So be careful while writing anything and check if it comes in any naughty list.

Make attractive thumbnails

No matter how amazing a post you have made, if the thumbnail is boring or non-attractive, it’s of no use. You might have a limit of 1500 characters, but you have an amazing opportunity to entice your potential customers.

So make sure to create an attractive thumbnail text.

Let it be promotional

Make your posts promotional to give them an idea about your company and what do you offer.

Use the right template

You might have heard people saying that thumbnails can display only 100 characters of text or 16 words in 4 distinct lines.

That’s not the whole truth!

In reality, the size of the thumbnail text depends on the template you are using, whether or not it has a CTA (Call To Action).

But, hey, we need to include a CTA link, right?

There are three major post types that your SEO company in Ahmedabad could use. In many cases, you may want to use the ‘What’s New’ post template. This template allows you to add most text in the thumbnail view so that you can writing something compelling.

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