Advantages Of Having A Server In The Company

We often find clients of our computer MPLS service(บริการ MPLS, which is the term in Thai) asking themselves the question, do I need a server in my company? To that effect, we willpresent you with some of the main advantages of having a server within the company:

  1. Centralize The Management Of Users And Passwords

A server will be in charge of managing all users and their passwords. It will allow us to establish password expiration policies, complexity, etc. This allows for improving security within the company. We know that, for example, by deleting a user from the server, from that very moment, we prevent them from accessing the shared data.

  1. Easy Management Of Backup Copies

When we have all of our data on one server, managing and maintaining backups is greatly facilitated. You have to monitor a single device that contains all the critical data of the organization.

  1. Set Policies On Windows Computers

From the server, you can configure restrictions on users’ computers. For example: set the same corporate wallpaper that cannot be changed, managed Wi-Fi updates, prevent a user from entering a computer that is not theirs, disable access to Windows configuration screens, etc.

  1. Manage Remote Access

A server can be configured to allow remote access to data using secure VPN connections. In this way, a user with the appropriate permissions could connect to the server from his home computer to finish an offer that he had left pending.

But of course, it also has other drawbacks. It consumes electricity, requires an initial investment, computer server maintenance. When evaluating whether to buy a server, you have to study the pros and cons and be advised by an expert computer scientist who listens to the needs of the company and proposes the best solution.