5 Tips To Prolong The Life of Lithium Batteries

A lithium-ion battery, without any doubt, is one of the most popular ones. Many people wonder how to prolong the life of lithium batteries. Such kind of battery is commonly used in almost anything, from smartphones to power equipment. Therefore, it’s important to extend the life of the lithium-ion battery. 

Most importantly, you need to avoid exposure of li-ion batteries to extreme temperatures, particularly during charging cycles. Apart from that, make sure to unplug the charging if your cellphone feels hot on charge. Similarly, you should avoid charging your phone in extremely cold conditions. Remember, the temperature can degrade the lithium-ion batteries to great extent. 

Do you want to preserve the current charge on your li-ion battery? All you need is to do proper care of your battery to ensure it operates efficiently. With some key tips, you can make your li-ion batteries last longer. Keep reading down to learn some ways that can help prolong Li-ion battery life. 

Keep lithium-ion battery at room temperature

Want to extend the lifetime of your li-ion battery? 

Look no further than keeping your lithium-ion batteries at room temperature (between 20 and 25 degrees C). When the batteries are fully charged and exposed to elevated temperatures, it can degrade them. For that reason, experts recommend not to charge your phone in the car when it’s too hot outside. It’s simply because heat may have a huge impact on the life of lithium-ion batteries. 

Never completely discharge your battery

You must avoid completely discharging Li-ion batteries. Remember, a lithium-ion battery may appear to be dead as soon as it gets discharged below 2.5 volts per cell. In this case, your battery will be of no use. Most importantly, you should avoid recharging your dead battery if it has been stored in this condition for months. A professional battery analyzer can assist you. 

Say NO to “Fast Charging & Discharging”

According to Arbin Instruments, a high current, in the case of fast charging, could be very harmful to lithium batteries. It can degrade your li-ion battery because a high current generates more heat. For that reason, all you need is to avoid the fast charging and discharging of your battery. As a result, you can ensure extending the life of your li-ion batteries. 

Always buy a high-capacity li-ion battery

Batteries tend to deteriorate over time no matter when you use them or not. Never believe that a spare li-ion battery would last longer than the one currently in use. In other words, you need to consider the aging factor when buying a battery. Prefer one that comes with the recent manufacturing date. 

Avoid Moisture

Moisture can significantly reduce the life of lithium-ion batteries. You need to be extra vigilant no matter moisture or water because they do not go well with lithium. When water and lithium get mixed, it results in the formation of lithium hydroxide and hydrogen, both of which are extremely flammable. Therefore, you must keep your lithium batteries away from the water source. 

These five tips are proven to be very effective in prolonging the life of Li-ion batteries. All you have is to follow these key tips to ensure your battery will last longer. Undoubtedly, all batteries are not created equally and they have different upkeep needs. For that reason, you need to do proper care of lithium-ion batteries. 

The best way is to understand the maintenance requirements for different kinds of batteries. Some things are common when it comes to the special care of batteries, such as keeping them dry and managing the storage temperature.