4 Latest Mobile App Design Trends For 2022

Mobile design does not have to be about being stylish or attracting attention with bright colors and engaging illustrations. This statement has been repeated many times. It’s about attracting users’ attention with vibrant colors and fun illustrations. Be aware of current trends and best practices. Let’s take a look at the top 10 mobile app UX/UI design trends for 2022.

1. Emojis Are Everywhere
You may have noticed that emojis appear in more than just WhatsApp messages. Mobile app design have developers using emojis to create their solutions. These universal symbols are well-known to all. The meaning and mood behind each symbol is immediately recognized by users. This makes the app’s design easy to understand even without extensive UX text. This makes navigation within the app easy and quick. Emojis add friendliness and lightness, which is a plus. Emojis communicate that your brand is “easy to deal with” and don’t disturb users with too much seriousness. Be mindful of your application’s purpose, and your target audience when you are considering adding emojis to your UI. To keep your design original, you shouldn’t use this trend too often.

2. Funky 90s UI
A minimalist UI design will not make users happy. It doesn’t necessarily mean your app needs to be packed with too many features or use excessive colors. There are too many simple, two-color apps out there. It’s time for something more fun using custom software for automation. The 80s-style UI was popular in 2020 and 2021. However, the 90s aesthetics are making a comeback. Mobile UI designs will feature vivid colors, bold fonts and visible shadows as well as pixelated typography, pictures, and Memphis-style UI. No matter if it’s the 70s or 80s, nostalgia can evoke positive emotions. Even if users have never seen the original 90s design, it can still be a powerful way to evoke positive emotions. Visual trends are constantly changing, so it is possible that we may see early 2000s design rebound in 2022 or 2023 as mobile app design trends continue to evolve.

3. App Design For A Store Inspired By The 90s
Animation is still a hot trend. Year after year, animation continues to be a top UI design trend. It’s no wonder animation is so popular. Animation is engaging and entertaining, no matter what type of animation it may be. Your imagination is limitless when it comes to animation styles. Your creativity is limitless. You can make your typography more dynamic, use unusual illustrations on the onboarding screens, and simplify the app navigation. 3D animation will still be popular in 2022, even though it has an unusual look. Designers don’t need to worry about slow internet interfering with animation, and 2022 is a great time to explore more complex ideas and unleash your imagination.

4. Typography That Is Unusual
Again, a minimalistic or standardized design is no longer as appealing to the users. You might choose a simpler interface if redesigning a bank app. This will ensure that everyone can use the app. You might have to go an extra mile to stand out and attract new users. You can also experiment with fonts. You can give your design an unusual look that will grab the attention of users and make them notice it. It’s possible to mix different fonts and add the one that you are afraid of because it’s too outlandish to your design. It should be easy to read and responsive.