4 Key Advantages Of Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki is the solution in enterprise networks with 100% centralized management and managed from the cloud. Only with the mention of the use of cloud computing, advantages come to mind. The cloud is associated with greater operational flexibility or savings in implementation and maintenance costs. In addition, in the specific case of Meraki, we add other competitive advantages that place it as a star product in its category. Let’s see some.


Users of Cisco Meraki networks like the Cisco Meraki MX64W can manage all their aspects from a single control panel. In this way, businesses that, for example, deploy them in several branches, can all manage them from the central office. Cloud management is less complex. However, simplicity does not mean lower performance. On the contrary, it provides wide visibility of everything that is happening in your networks, of all the traffic that is underway. You can also configure and monitor thousands of switching ports simply.


Much reluctance by individuals and organizations about moving to the use of the cloud are related to the perception of security.

Cisco Meraki includes a next-generation firewall; performs content filtering and web search filtering; performs intrusion detection in the network; It also establishes automatic VPN, which extends to the virtual private networks, VPN, (for example, remote workers) the same security enjoyed by the connections in the organization’s headquarters.


In the era of smartphones, tablets, connectivity, “Bring your device” (BYOD), etc., a network system for example, the Cisco SG110 that is not capable of managing in a way adequate the multitude of connected devices, will not be offering an excellent service to its customers.

Cisco Meraki is a pioneer in MDM (Mobile Device Management) by offering the only solution capable of providing unified management of mobile devices, Mac, PC, and the entire network from a centralized panel.

You can diagnose the status of mobile devices of all your collaborators or employees, as well as solve problems remotely and live, even for thousands of devices; you can also implement restrictions, security policies, wireless settings, VPN or Exchange email, from the console in the cloud. As well as extending the software and applications that you want all the devices managed by your organization to use.


Meraki networks are automatically optimized to deliver superior performance when necessary: ​​in the highest density wireless environments and when intense interference conditions occur. And it does it without the bottlenecks that occur in the hardware drivers.

It is not a minor feature: more and more devices are connected to the network, and applications consume more and more bandwidth. So, with Cisco Meraki, organizations have wireless networks that measure up in the most demanding environments.